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    In the world pharmaceutical market, there is a huge selection of Zenegra preparations from the Indian pharmaceutical company Alkem Laboratories Ltd.

    Where to buy Zenegra online?

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    About the drug Zenegra.

    What is Zenegra?

    Zenegra 100 mg is a classic drug for erectile dysfunction treatment. This remedy is based on sildenafil, which is used in Viagra. The amount in each tablet is 100 mg. This is the optimal dosage for a man at any age. Optimal time of reception for 1 hour before sexual activity. If you take the remedy earlier, it is more likely that it will not work at the crucial time. The optimal daily dosage is 100 mg. It does not need to divide the pill into parts, since the active ingredient is unevenly distributed in the tablet. The duration of action of 1 tablet is 5 hours. After this time, sildenafil begins to be excreted from the body.

    Zenegra Tablets Alkem

    How Zenegra Works?

    Zenegra tablets dissolve within a few minutes in the stomach. Their active components are quickly absorbed into the blood, starting to work in half an hour. The remedy is processed by the liver. It accumulates in plasma in small amounts. In the absence of contraindications from the cardiovascular system and the liver, Zenegra does not harm the body. Remnants of medicinal substances are withdrawn without delay from the body together with urine within 24 hours.

    When Zenegra Used?

    Zenegra is recommended for a disorder of sexual function, the main signs of which are a weak and short-term erection, rapid ejaculation, a significant decrease in the level of libido. Among the most common causes of development of pathology, experts identify age-related changes, diseases of the genitourinary system, hormonal disorder, stress, unhealthy lifestyle, in particular - alcohol abuse and low physical activity.

    Zenegra vs Viagra

    If you approach, from a medical point of view, then finding differences between Zenegra and Viagra will be quite difficult. All the differences are in the legal field, namely the availability of patent and production rights. Since sildenafil is the main active substance in Zenegra this is a complete analogue of the remedy Viagra with some addition of various other components. But the cost of Zenegra from Viagra is much different Viagra is more expensive than the analog Zenegra. And it acts as well as Viagra.

    Zenegra Reviews

    Here you can find reviews and recommendations of our users about Zenegra.

    I started to take Zenegra not so long ago, 2 months ago. There were problems with potency, could no longer satisfy my partner. I ordered Zenegra on the Internet. It's cheaper there and you do not have to search long. I took the pill not every day, but somewhere in the range of 2-3 days, one pill before sex. The action surprised me a lot!

    I started the course of taking Zenegra after I was diagnosed with psychogenic erectile dysfunction. Side effects with the correct admission are not observed. No addiction occurred that as for me was the most important. Just when, over time, normalized my hormonal background and experienced a period with problems in bed, taking such pills did not affect my sexual life in any way.

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